Voice in the Wind

I have been sitting around waiting to know what I wanted to say before I started writing, which is surely a good thing, but I’ve been waiting quite a few years now! I didn’t like the idea of posting anything that I might later read over with an eyeroll and be thankful nobody else had read, hehehe. But just now I saw an interview with Bob Dylan where some reporter asked him about something he had said at some other time and Dylan says “Did I say that?” and the answer was yeah he did. He scratched his nose, scratched his head, rubbed his eyes… he appeared to be thinking pretty hard on it, then says, laughing, “I don’t know where I was that day”.  If he can do that in front of the whole world, I can certainly do it in a place of my verry own! Plus I can just delete the comment if I later decide that ‘I don’t know where I was that day.” Hahaha. So I will start today with this.

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