Almost a Year Later

Boy, I can hardly let Desiree continue to pay for this if I’m not using it, and I can think of better things to do with my money too, than to keep paying for something I don’t use. Good thing I was headed here anyway to make my list of the things that I will do tomorrow (I am not including in this list the things I won’t do, or the things I will do that I didn’t plan to do.)

I have to make Friday Dinner of course, since it is massage day. I’ll make scalloped potatoes with broccoli and ham, and a salad with everyone’s favorite fire cider honey vinaigrette.

I will ph balance the hot tub. And I’ll probably walk out to the pond to see if it’s still alive. The ice is pretty thick and that pump is pretty shallow. Well, not the pump, but the water it’s sitting in. If the fish don’t survive I won’t replace them… I would never again willingly put any poor little fishies through that cold black hell ever again. If it wasn’t thick with brown algae and if it was a little deeper I wouldn’t be so stressed about it – the little fishies wouldn’t be so stressed either.

I will chunk up my bananas and freeze them.

I will plant my cayenne peppers!

I’ll probably start another Nero Wolf novel too.

Right now I’m off to the Alien Healing Pod that to normal people who don’t know the secret code it just looks like a nice hot tub.




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