COUNTRY HOUSE by Ch’u Ch’uang I

I planted a hundred mulberry trees

And thirty acres of rice.

Now I have plenty of silk and grain,

And can afford to entertain my friends.

In the Spring I plant rice.

In the Autumn I gather chrysanthemums

And perfume the wine with their petals.

My wife enjoys being hospitable.

My children like to help serve.

Late afternoon, we give a picnic

At the back of the overgrown garden

In the shade of the elms and willows.

My friends drink until they are inspired.

The fresh breezes cool the heat of the day.

After everyone has gone home,

I walk out under the Mily Way,

And look up at the countless stars

That watch me from heaven.

I still have plenty of jugs in the cellar.

Nobody will prevent me From opening some more tomorrow.

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