From here on out I will try to remember to refer to the person whom I (and others) know as Sky-something, as ‘Ringo’. :))

The reason for this is because he values his privacy. I think this story is a perfect example of just how MUCH he values his privacy: Early one evening, back when he was about 11, the security guard at the apartment complex where we lived came knocking on our door. He had ‘Ringo’ in tow (he may as well have had him by the ear from the energy that hit me when I opened the door.) He wants to know “does this one belong to you?” I acknowledge that yes, he lives here and that he is my son. Then he asks me what my son’s name is. I don’t know why he’s asking me this but I figure I’m in trouble (since I don’t have a clue what name ‘Ringo’ might have given him, hehe). I try to mumble the name that I daren’t speak here- directed at the wall rather than to either of their ears, but to no avail… it was clearly the wrong name and apparently the guard already knew that and was using me to prove it.

 What had happened was ‘Ringo’ had tried to get into the garage before the automatic garage door closed (definitely better than walking the half mile around to the back door), but the door was already almost all the way closed and ‘Ringo’ ended up getting his head stuck under the door. He’s layin’ there in excruciating pain wondering what his fate is gonna be when the guard comes walking by and sees the situation. ‘Ringo’ gets rescued but has to prove he really lives there. You know the rest.

I don’t know why he felt it was important to protect his privacy in that way, but he did. I guess I should expect mysterious or secretive behavior from a Virgo who wrote backwards as a child, hahaha! (I found out it’s called mirror writing. His teachers had a hard time getting him to write forwards, I thought maybe he never would. I wouldn’t have stressed out about it so much though if I had known that Leonardo da Vinci wrote like that in his private journals. Supposedly it was natural for him to write backwards, but for stuff that was going to be read by others he wrote forwards.)

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