Sunday June28 2015

The day after the big storm that flooded and probably washed away the lemon mint seeds that I had just planted the day before. (fuck a sad face here, I’m pretty irritated about it!)

The other day I was in the up in the big kitchen cooking my mother’s belated b-day dinner and couldn’t find something I needed (as usual). No one was up there so I had to go through the whole kitchen, opening cupboards and drawers looking for it. I don’t think I ever found it, but what I did find, in an out-of-the-way drawer, buried under a big white bath towel, was the damned white cup I’ve been wondering what happened to for weeks!

At first I thought maybe Noelani had done it, she and JK both are into hiding stuff they want to keep for themselves (as opposed to just keeping it in their rooms). But then, just a few minutes ago I was standing at my sink washing a few dishes and JK was leaning against my door talking to me and I saw her do a double take over to my desk. And although her eyes didn’t actually pop wide open in shock, that was the feeling I got from her. Then I saw her try to focus in on the details of something with ‘is that what I think it is?!? energy pouring out of her eyes, while trying to feign a casual appearance with the rest of her body. I turned around to see what she was looking at and there was that cup sitting there on my desk, full of ginger tea (obviously I didn’t leave it there in that stupid hiding place, hahahaha!)

Desiree found a snake in her computer room today.



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